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About Telangana Integrated Civil Services Academy

Civil services assume high honour and recognition apart from challenges and job satisfaction. Civil servants play an important role in making suggestions to the policy makers and implementing the policies made by the government. Therefore, it ascertains a prime media for services to the nation and the human society as a whole.


Young graduates who set such high objectives and goals and aspire for civil services need proper guidance in preparing for these examinations. Thus one needs to inculcate good thoughts for human quality, meticulous planning and confidence amongst the students to excel marvelously in their career.


Many students aspire to have a career as an IAS/IPS officer but only the finest and the most talented come out with flying colors’ in the IAS exams. Our’s is a vast country that need to have distinct system of management to ensure smooth functioning. The Indian Administrative service is the branch of Indian civil service. The role of an IAS officer is to see to the Administrative matters of the government. Having cleared the mandatory exams and making it to the merit list only top most around 80 to 100 will become IAS officers, and are recruited in the government setup.


There are many young students who are bright, brilliant, competent and have the tenacity to compete in the civil service exams but are hampered by the inability to get access to quality coaching and updated study materials. Some candidates give up the race due to lack of proper motivation and coaching thinking that civil services placement is an impossible dream, but the fact is that majority of aspirants have been deprived of standard civil service exam preparation coaching and appropriate guidance which is provided in our TICSA.

The vision of TICSA is to advance the career prospects of the youth and bring civil service coaching within easy reach of the students. There by we provide ultra modern teaching techniques in training the students through integrating the UPSC syllabus along with the academics for intermediate and degree courses.

Being chisled in TICSA at young & early age to enter in to the civil service one gets a cutting edge over the other to reach the higher hierarchy and render many more years of service to the nation.

We believe that we can groom the prospective aspirants at a early stage. Thus TICSA sows a seed in a child of aspiring as an IAS/IPS officer which is planted and natured by the hands of efficient faculty of TEAM TICSA and will surely blossom in the garden of civil services as a young, versatile and dynamic IAS/IPS officer one day.


Telangana Integrated Civil Services Academy(TICSA) is being built, in large part, by its uncompromising standards and focus on the intellectual and personal development of the individual learner. It simultaneously attempts to build character and raise the capabilities of the students, by providing them with the right knowledge leading them towards their destination. Our primary objective is to provide constant guidance for candidates who are preparing for the civil service examination conducted by the Union Public Service commission(UPSC), with a view to enable them to secure their cherished career in life as soon as they complete their graduation.

This very concept is available in only two other institutions which are owned and run by the people of neighboring states and hence any institute run by the people of this state would encourage the students of Telangana. Further, the system of examination requires a candidate to prepare a subject of honor or post graduation standard which he/she might not have studied as a part of his/her curriculum at his/her graduation and post graduation levels.

This calls for a completely new orientation of preparation on the part of the candidate to qualify in the civil service examination which is entirely different from the traditional university type of examination. Consequently a candidate just after passing out of a university does not comprehend clearly what is expected of him/her to qualify in the civil service examination. He/she is not in a position to select a new optional subject which will suit both his personal aptitude and the chances for securing higher marks in the civil services examination. This is where a candidate needs the help of a professional educational ACADEMY like TICSA which renders specialization in civil service examination coaching.


Telangana Integrated Civil Services Academy (TICSA) is dedicated to add value to formal education to students who are pursuing conventional Graduation.

The ACADEMY shall design various courses and programmes to suit the requirements of the students.

TICSA with its team of academic and professional expertise in their respective fields, has years of experience in equipping civil service aspirants with the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude.

TICSA aims to equip students to achieve their dream of joining high ranking civil services by systematic and strategic preparation.


To create awareness amongst the youth about aims and objective, procedures and relative advantage of various competitive examination particularly civil services examination.

To inculcate in them the culture of serving the community and the nation.

To plan and conduct coaching and training programmes for successful participation in the competitive examination.

To muster support for conduct of coaching from eminent administrators, academicians and professional experts from management, training and research institutions.

To provide a single platform from laying the foundation to the Civil Services examination to the finishing line of getting into the services.

To catch when they are young, otherwise, those who start their preparation after graduation and make into Civil Services would do after 2 or 3 attempts i.e., when they attain the age of 25-26.

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